ASATA Mobile App

Afili Lugat Mobile App
May 4, 2020
PictureBuild iOS App
May 3, 2020

ASATA Mobile App

Designed and developed mobile apps for members of the Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA).

Provides access to news, updates and document downloads. Enables polling and meeting evaluations and surveys.

We have crafted beautiful iOS and Android apps for ASATA (Association of South African Travel Agents) for their member interactions.

ASATA gets mobile!

As part of ASATA’s investment in technology, Go Life Mobile has created the mobile apps. It has launched on the 22nd of May, just prior to ASATA's annual conference. The app mainly used for providing documents to the participants to the conference as well as to have an interaction with them. The participants answered several polls during the event, also they have rated certain aspects of the event thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly apps.

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