PictureBuild iOS App

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May 4, 2020

PictureBuild iOS App

PictureBuild is a simple game for beginner users, to engage their attention through stimulating picture building activities.

Each of the twenty activities consists of building up a bright, friendly picture in six steps, ending with an engaging animation of the picture. Each step is accompanied by fun sound effects.

Great care has been taken in the design to ensure that
· the touch access accommodates a wide variety of touch types so to maximise the chances of a positive result on each screen touch.
· the visual field is clean and simple so as to minimize visual distractions and complexity
· there are no distractions through accidental jumps to other screens
· the operation of the activities is as intuitive and simple as possible – just touch and go

This app was designed specifically to provide a fun cause and effect activity for users with special needs to engage their attention and practice screen access (the app creator is an Occupational Therapist). However, it is a stimulating activity for all young users.

An in-app setting allows for activity selection from a main screen, or jumping to the next activity after completion of each activity.

The first two activities are provided free. The remainder of the 20 activities can be bought with an in-app purchase.

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