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Go Life Mobile Technologies (CK Number: 2013/067324/07) develops beautifully tailored and affordable mobile apps in South Africa and Turkey, either personal projects or corporate ideas. Our expertise is mobile application development.

We have spent the last decade developing fantastic, multi-device mobile apps for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Businesses and customers are increasingly mobile. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that mobile is just for big businesses with limitless marketing budgets. Mobile technology has many benefits for small businesses, as well.

Mobile holds tremendous promise for increased adoption of digital applications and services, content creation and distribution, education, business collaboration, and operational efficiency. The investment we're making today is an important step toward maximizing this potential.

Investing in mobile apps that provide better access, increased resilience and increased security will save businesses significant amounts of money. This could help fund new products, a broader distribution and ongoing innovation, as well as be the foundation for new products and business models that will help customers.

Mobile applications help you brand your business.
This can make your brand more appealing to your customers. Apple and Google use this same principle. There are apps for everything, including: mobile web, SMS, texting (messaging services) and other communications like e-mail, voicemail, Skype and more. Apps also help you connect with people.
Develop and use special promotions for application users.
You can create specials and promotions for your users, and announce these to your user base. It is pretty straightforward to leverage frameworks which are available out-of-the-box, such as push notifications. This will enable your app users to engage with your app and make communications with them pretty easy.
The future of payments is mobile.
The traditional payment services was set to change and this change has been happening in the last decade. Why not use your mobile app to collect your payments? You can also set up recurring payments and such will help maintain the cash flow for your app business.
Keep an eye on your business app stats at all times.
Know where and when customers use your app so you can personalize promotions for specific groups of customers on your mobile app. Also, watch your numbers increase as word of your mobile app gets out!
Be social with your customer.
Emphasize customer loyalty and use incentives to retain and grow your customer base. A savvy app business owner can develop relationships with their customers to know them. Since your customers can make online purchases, their identity and interests can be a source of revenue for your business.

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We are the undisputed leader in the market when it comes to knowledge and expertise.


We make sure at and after the development of the app, it performs as expected and promised.

Timely Delivery

We deliver on or earlier than the expected delivery date, as promised.


We do not provide quotes that break the bank. We provide you the most competitive prices on the market.


If you are not familiar with app development, we will provide guidance so you will never feel alone or lost.

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