SATSA Mobile App

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May 3, 2020

SATSA Mobile App

Designed and developed mobile apps for members of the Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA).

Great News! SATSA members now have real-time and relevant industry communication at their fingertips with the launch of the SATSA Mobile App.

SATSA family now can connect effectively with the association and move communications into the 21st Century, and now Members and their Staff can access a wealth of information directly on their mobile devices. Being the first of its kind, the SATSA App aims to provide inbound tourism industry professionals with news and updates as they occur. The tourism industry is always ‘on-duty’ making a mobile app an ideal platform of communication, especially for emergency issues.

The App features include Upcoming Events, Security Alerts, Current News, Special Rates and Market Access, a survey centre and access to useful documents. Through the app, communication will not only be immediate, but members' entire staff complement can keep up to date with industry and SATSA specific news.

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